Prevention work is done by people who are passionate about their communities

They want to make change in their community where they live, work, and/or play. The issues of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs may impact them in the work they do or the role they play, as well as affect someone who they care about.

Strong relationships and collaborations are crucial to successful prevention initiatives. People come together bringing their talents, skills, knowledge, expertise, and community connections to drive the prevention cause forward. Their unique perspectives, resources, and spheres of influence are the foundation to any great coalition.

What is a prevention coalition and who is typically involved?

A coalition is a group of people who join together for action on a common purpose. Anyone who wants to help can join a coalition.

Coalition members include parents, youth, and representatives from religious organizations, schools, law enforcement, healthcare organizations, businesses, local government, media, youth-serving organizations, civic/volunteer organizations, legal professionals, and more. Coalitions are often directed by a leadership team and are supported by a coalition coordinator for project management.


Get to know a Prevention Champion is our series on the many people who come together to make prevention work happen.  Click on a Prevention Champion below to learn more about what they do to contribute to substance abuse prevention within their community.

Have someone you would like to nominate as a Prevention Champion? Contact Cuyler Dinegan, 651-646-3005 ext.335.