2016 Minnesota’s Prevention Program Sharing Conference

Breakout Sessions

  • Update on Minnesota’s Medical Cannabis Laws and Data
    Understand the MN Medical Cannabis Program, learn new laws, receive status updates on data collected from patients and healthcare providers.
    Michelle Larson, Director, Office of Medical Cannabis, MN Department of Health
  • What You Need to Know about Flavored Tobacco and Menthol
    An introduction into the varieties of flavored tobacco and menthol cigarettes, how they emerged and how they impact youth.
    Kari Oldfield, Legal 7 Community Outreach Coordinator and Choua Lee, Program & Policy Specialist, Association for Nonsmokers-MN
  • Hey, That Actually Worked! Achieving Real Change through Coordination and Collaboration
    Coordination and collaboration are key tools for successful policy change when working on tobacco control.
    Annie Tepfer, RAPAD Coalition Coordinator, Leah Schueler, Renville County SHIP Coordinator, Jill Bruns, Director-Renville County Public Health, and LaMont Jacobson, Renville County Commissioner
  • How to Start a Youth/Student Group
    Hear lessons learned in starting and leading a successful youth group. Leave with your own action plan to get started.
    Tammie Doebler, Coalition Coordinator-Lake of the Woods Coalition, Brian Skogen, Licensed School Social Worker-Canby High School, Stephanie Johnson, Coalition Coordinator-Fairmont Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, Angela Graham, Coalition Coordinator-Hubbard in Prevention, and Jeremy Hildman, Special Ed, EBD Teacher-Rochester Schools
  • Prevention Populations: Learning about Youth Affected by Parental Incarceration
    Students who have incarcerated parents are too often overlooked. Learn about students who have or have had incarcerated parents, and how their attendance, substance use behaviors, achievement, engagement and school connectedness have benefited from prevention efforts.
    Kristin Dillon, Research Scientist-Wilder Research
  • Using Positive Community Norms in Prevention
    Learn how a small town coalition has reduced underage drinking with a positive community norms program.
    Heather Schjenken, DFC Coordinator-Deer River’s S.T.E.P. Coalition and Chad Evans, Boys & Girls Club Director of Deer River
  • Hate Bad Meetings? Stop Holding Them! – Tips for Running Effective and Action-Oriented Meetings
    Learn how to bring people to your meetings and keep them there! Learn how to set up your meetings for success. Leave with tips and tools to facilitate action oriented meetings.
    Kelly Felton, Regional Prevention Coordinator, West Central Minnesota (Region 3)

  • Prevention’s Debates about Marijuana Legalization – “Reefer Madness” or Thoughtful Science?
    Learn about preliminary research findings on medical marijuana, consider what the science says about marijuana and health consequences, and discuss implications for prevention.
    Jason Kilmer, Associate Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-University of Washington
  • Public Health & Law Enforcement Strategies for Reducing Overdose and Deaths from Heroin and Illicit Fentanyl
    Minnesota was selected to participate in the National Governors Association’s Best Practices Learning Lab for State Strategies for Reducing Overdose and Deaths from Heroin and Illicit Fentanyl: Improving Information Sharing and Data Analysis between Law Enforcement and Public Health. Two members of the core policy academy team will present the latest data and strategies.
    Dana Farley, MN Department of Health and Brian Marquart, MN Department of Public Safety
  • The Top Secret Project: Decoding the Mysteries of the Teen Domain
    This traveling exhibit of a teen’s bedroom is designed to show parents and adults the hazards often hidden in plain sight. Topic areas include alcohol and drugs, mental health and self harm, bullying, gang and criminal activity and disordered eating. This presentation will take place in two back-to-back sessions.
    Alison Wobschall, Project Director-Partners in Prevention, Plymouth area and Cendee Palmer, Outreach Manager, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
  • Alcohol & the College Experience: Navigating the First Year
    Learn about the challenges for students and parents in transitioning from high school to college life. The transition is a risky time for increased substance use and abuse.
    Jen Sell-Matzke, Assistant Dean of Students, Jennifer Johnson, Coordinator for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Programs, and Thaddeus Rybka, Recovery Community Coordinator-St. Cloud State University
  • Not Just a Drop in the Bucket: Using Ripple Effect Mapping (REM) to Show the Breadth of your Impact
    Understand REM’s core components, discern when REM is appropriate to use, and learn the steps to implementing a successful REM session.
    Nick Stuber, Research Associate and Laura Schauben, Research Scientist-Wilder Research
  • Conversations: Equipping Coalition Members to Reduce Resistance and Facilitate Change
    This session will explore the conversation gaps between perceived and actual community norms and how to equip community members with the skills to effectively facilitate these conversations.
    Jason Anderson, Director-Itasca County Probation and member of Deer River’s S.T.E.P. Coalition
  • Lessons Learned in Capacity, Leadership, Sustainability, and Transformation
    Support for healthy choices comes when community members know what needs to happen and how to do it. Hear about lessons learned while working with coalitions to create positive change.
    Laura Bennett, NE MN Regional Prevention Coordinator, Melissa Perreault, NW MN Regional Prevention Coordinator and Jenilee Telander, East Central MN Regional Prevention Coordinator

  • wRight Choice: An Alternative to Out-of-School Suspension
    From the probation perspective, an ounce of prevention reaps positive rewards. From an education perspective, helping students become engaged learners is essential to their success. Learn how Wright County Probation and Buffalo High School team together on a program addressing out-of-school suspension, and how it has grown to include over eight schools.
    Joy Turner, Lead Teacher, wRight Choice, Buffalo-Montrose-Hanover School District and Abe Abrahamson, Juvenile Probation Officer, Wright County Court Services

  • What you Need to Know About Electronic Cigarettes
    Learn about the varieties of e-cigarettes available, their use rates and health impacts, as well as the tobacco industry’s involvement in the e-cigarette industry and how products are marketed.
    Kari Oldfield, Legal and Community Outreach Coordinator and Choua Lee, Program and Policy Specialist-Association for Nonsmokers-MN
  • Utilizing Teens from your Community to Lead Problem Solving Discussions
    Learn about Community Partnership’s Teen Improv Theatre program, how it works and why it is such an effective asset for your coalition and your community.
    Linda Rambow, Youth Director-Trinity Lutheran Church, Lindstrom and Improv Trainer and Advisor; and Sheila Funk, Improv Advisor-Little Falls Community Schools
  • St. Louis County Prevention and Intervention Initiative
    Learn how St. Louis County has developed effective prevention and treatment programs by working together. The workshop will include an overview of the initiative and will examine the efforts of the Substance Prevention and Intervention Team in addressing substance abuse in St. Louis County.
    Marcia Gurno, Social Worker and Matthew Johnson, Social Worker-St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services

  • What Do They Do Anyway? Supervising Prevention Professionals
    This session will outline successful characteristics of coalition coordinators and highlight what supervisors can do to support their work. Tools and materials will be provided.
    Kelly Felton, Regional Prevention Coordinator-West Central MN and Lindsey Smith, Regional Prevention Coordinator-Metro Area

  • The New Role of SADD in Prevention
    Learn about Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) new programming tools and share ideas of how to engage teens in prevention.
    Lee Erickson, SADD Coordinator and Executive Director and Rachel Pishtek, Director of Marketing and Development-Northern Lights Youth Services, Hillsboro, North Dakota
  • Mental Health & Substance Abuse Prevention: What’s the Connection?
    Learn about the connections between substance abuse and anxiety, trauma, depression, some personality disorders and some psychotic disorders.
    Tim Denney, Training Director-Northwestern Mental Health Center, Inc., Crookston, MN
  • Community Working Together: Confronting Opioid Abuse
    Learn how the Little Falls community has built their capacity to address opioid abuse and sustained a positive impact.
    Sheila Funk, Drug Free Communities Grant Coordinator-Little Falls Community Schools, Ann March, Communication and Foundation Coordinator-CHI St. Gabriel’s Health, and Kathy Lange, Foundation Director, CHI St. Gabriel’s Health
  • Towards Equity in Prevention
    As the field of prevention science expands to focus on environmental risk and protective factors that influence health, addressing health equity has become increasingly important. Learn how some actions preserve inequities.
    Elisabeth Atherly, Evaluation Consultant-Alcohol & Drug Abuse Division, MN Department of Human Services and Melissa Adolfson, Lead Epidemiologist-Minnesota State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup, SUMN.org
  • Combating the Drug Abuse Epidemic in a Rural Community through Collaboration
    Learn how the Community Health Assessment played a significant role in the formation of the Carlton County Drug Abuse Task Force and how intentional relationship-building and collaborative efforts were the key.
    Amy LaRue, Public Health Educator-Carlton County Public Health and Human Services and Laura Bennett, Regional Prevention Coordinator, NE Minnesota