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Prescription Drug Abuse (NIDA-2014)

Policy Impact: Prescription Painkiller Overdoses (CDC-2011)

Prescription Opioid Overdose Data (CDC-2016)

NCHS Data on Drug Poisoning Deaths (CDC-2016)

Abused Pharmaceutical Substances (National Assoc. of Drug Diversion Investigators)
Photos of pharmaceuticals

DrugFacts: Cough and Cold Medicine Abuse (NIH-2014)

For Parents

Parents360 Rx (The Partnership at

The Medicine Abuse Project (Partnership for Drug-Free Kids-2014)

Stop Medicine Abuse (Consumer Healthcare Products Association-2014)

For Adolescents/Teenagers

Prescription Drugs: Drug Facts (NIDA-2014)

Prescription Drugs (Above the Influence-2013)

Prescription Stimulants: Drug Facts (NIDA-2014)

For Coalitions & Communities

Prevent RX Abuse: A CADCA Toolkit

The Generation RX Initiative (The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy)
This website provides medication safety and prescription drug abuse prevention resources for schools, colleges, and communities.

Prescription Drug Abuse: Strategies to Stop the Epidemic (Trust for America’s Health-2013)
 Interactive Website

Use, Abuse, Misuse, and Disposal of Prescription Pain Medication (American College of Preventive Medicine-2011)

Applying the Strategic Prevention Framework to Prescription Drug Abuse (CADCA-2014)
This prescription drug abuse prevention course applies the strategic prevention and community problem solving framework used by CADCA’s National Coalition Institute specifically to Rx and OTC medicine abuse. This course, consisting of 10 modules, applies the “problem statement” of youth prescription drug abuse to the major competencies of the Strategic Prevention Framework. Users should have a working knowledge of the SPF and have identified Rx abuse/misuse as a problem in order to gain significant knowledge and build basic skills to tackle the problem by taking this course.

Statewide Prescription Drug Misuse and Abuse Prevention and Education Campaigns: Selected Examples (SAMHSA-2014)
Examples of prevention and education campaigns developed by states, jurisdictions, and national organizations specifically targeting prescription drug misuse and abuse. Most of these are social marketing campaigns, developed to promote specific prevention or health-promotion messages. Inclusion in this list does not reflect message endorsement. Additional examples of substance abuse prevention media campaigns can be found at: