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The following lists include featured items from the MPRC Library. If you are interested in reading a book from our collection, contact Sonja Mertz at smertzmprc@gmail.com or at (651) 674-4085.

Adolescents – Development, Brain, Parenting, Prevention & Substance Use

College-Age Substance Use/Abuse


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February 2016


Want to know how to get free money by applying for grants?

Read this concise book from Martin Teitel, “Winning Foundation Grants“.

Mr. Teitel has much experience in this area having received grants and also served on boards who award grants. Mr. Teitel tells you exactly what to do and how to do it. In writing this book he also displays the very qualities he recommends to you: clear and compelling prose without ambiguity.

A sample of what the author states:

“Present solutions … not problems”

“Write clearly … short sentences that draw the reader in”

“Project Dependability”

“Have good referrals”

(Submitted by Amy Barr)