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Starting Conversations about Fear Appeals in Youth Substance Misuse Prevention

Source: Minnesota Prevention Resource Center This factsheet overviews fear appeals in prevention, including what they are, why they don’t work, […]

Be Your Own Spielberg: Using Storytelling Technichues to Present Community, Project, and Funding Partners

Source: Prevention Network Recorded on August 4th, 2023 Brian Klass, Senior Technology Officer, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s […]

Webinar: Creating a Brave Space: Navaigating Difficult Conversations in the Workplace


Webinar: Youth Access and Exposure to Legal Cannabis Products: Landscape, Safeguards, and Further Protections

Source: Public Health Law Center Recorded on October 23rd, 2023 Presenters: Dr. Lynn SIlver, Getting it Right from the Start; […]

Webinar: Mental Health Implications of Cannabis


Webinar: Women and Weed


Webinar: Public Health Options for Local Regulation of Legalized Cannabis Products

Source: Public Health Law Center Presenters: Kyle Hartnett, League of Minnesota Cities; Jill Suurmeyer, Association of Minnesota Counties; Marisa Katz, […]

Webinar: Hierarchies All Around: Addressing Class, Socioeconomic Status (SES) and Rank


Webinar: Colorado: The Adult Use Marijunaa Market and THC Potency – What the have the last 10 years taught us?


Webinar: A Public Health and Prevention Take on the Marijuana Landscape in Minnesota

Source: Public Health Law Center Presenter: Rachel Callanan, Public Health Law Center Moderator: Kayla Baker, Regional Prevention Coordinator & Marisa […]

Minnesota Office of Cannabis Management

Source: Minnesota Office of Cannabis Management The Office of Cannabis Management will manage the recreational cannabis program in Minnesota. Learn […]

Request an Office of Medical Cannabis Speaker or Presentation

Source: Minnesota Department of Health The Office of Medical Cannabis through the MN Department of Health offers speakers at events […]