Medical Cannabis

U.S. Policy Responses to Calls for the Medical Use of Cannabis

Date: September 2015
Type of resource: Journal Article

This paper summarizes the research, challenges, and policies regarding medical cannabis.

Medical Cannabis – MN Dept. of Health

Date: 2015
Type of resource: Data

Resource center for medical cannabis in Minnesota. Includes information for patients, caregivers, health care practitioners, and public safety.

Narrative Review of the Safety and Efficacy of Marijuana for the Treatment of Commonly State-approved Medical and Psychiatric Disorders

Date: April 2015
Type of resource: Journal Article

Review of existing literature pertaining to the use of marijuana for the treatment of the most common medical and psychological conditions for which it has been allowed. Conclusion reached is that there is insufficient evidence to support use and continued research needs to be conducted.

An Introduction to the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program

Date: April 2015
Type of resource: Report

The Minnesota Legislature passed a law in 2014 with strong bipartisan support legalizing the manufacture, sale and use of medical cannabis. This law was designed to enable seriously ill patients to use cannabis for therapeutic purposes while preventing it from being misused or diverted from its medical purpose. This article provides an overview of the new law and explains the program’s design and structure.