Effects on Brain & Health

What Do We Know About Marijuana?

Date: 2015
Type of resource: Training

This 45-minute online course explores the latest research about the harms of marijuana and how it impacts users and society. It also looks at the issue of marijuana as medicine.

Cannabis-Related Disorders

Date: January 2014
Type of resource: General Resource

This Medscape Reference resource provides detailed information about the medical side of cannabis use and related disorders.

Marijuana: Research Report Series

Date: April 2015
Type of resource: General Resource

This comprehensive resource provides details about marijuana – including use, effects on health, links to mental health, and treatment.

Cannabis Sativa: The Unconventional “Weed” Allergen

Date: March 2015
Type of resource: Journal Article

This research examines the increase in allergic reaction and sensitivity to the cannabis plant.

How Marijuana Affects the Brain

Date: May 2015
Type of resource: News

Infographic from Medical Daily that illustrates how regions of the brain are effected by marijuana.

The Science of Marijuana: How THC Affects the Brain

Date: 2011
Type of resource: General Resource

Colorful leaflet, created by Scholastic and The National Institute on Drug Abuse, that describes how THC works in the body and the brain.