College/Young Adult

Marijuana Use Trajectories During the Post-College Transition: Health Outcomes in Young Adulthood

Date: October 2012
Type of resource: Journal Article

Research article concludes that marijuana-using students appear to be at risk for adverse health outcomes, especially if they increase or sustain a frequent pattern of use.

Marijuana-Using Drivers, Alcohol-Using Drivers and Their Passengers: Prevalence and Risk Factors Among Underage College Students

Date: July 2014
Type of resource: Journal Article

Research published in JAMA Pediatrics that highlights the prevalence of marijuana use and driving.

What’s the Deal on Quitting?

Type of resource: General Resource

A do-it-yourself guide to quitting cannabis use. Created by the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Center of Australia.

Marijuana and the Intercollegiate Student-Athlete: Implications for Prevention

Date: November 2014
Type of resource: General Resource

This brief article, provided by NCAA, details how marijuana can affect the student athlete.