Underage Drinking

Providing Alcohol to Underage Youth: The View from Young Adulthood

Date: June 2014
Type of resource: Journal Article

This study covers the attitudes and behaviors of young adults related to providing alcohol to underage drinkers. The authors suggest that those who have recently turned 21 could be an important target for prevention strategies.

How Estimation of Drinking Influences Alcohol-Related Consequences Across the First Year of College

Date: April 2014
Type of resource: Journal Article

This study examines the results of questionnaires that measured self-reported drinker types (SI), protective and risky drinking behaviors, drinking expectancies, attitudes, and norms.

An Examination of Depressive Symptoms and Drinking Patterns in First Year College Students

Date: May 2012
Type of resource: Journal Article

Survey results found that specific depression symptoms correlated with alcohol consumption. The authors highlight the importance of screening first year college students for both alcohol use and depressed mood.