Social Media/Technology

“I Will Take a Shot for Every ‘Like’ I Get on This Status”: Posting Alcohol-Related Facebook Content Is Linked to Drinking Outcomes

Date: May 2014
Type of resource: Journal Article

A survey found that alcohol-related postings on Facebook were associated with common motivations for drinking. Authors suggest that social media platforms may be useful tools for prevention and intervention efforts.

Associations Between Social Media Displays and Event-Specific Alcohol Consumption by College Students

Date: 2013
Type of resource: Journal Article

A study was conducted relating the use of Facebook to advertise a street dance and the rate of alcohol consumption by underage drinkers. Future prevention involving use of safety messages is explored.

Text Messaging to Increase Readiness to Change Alcohol Use in College Students

Date: 2014
Type of resource: Journal Article

A group of researchers tested a text message delivery system that targeted college students with problem alcohol use. They found in increased readiness to change behavior and reduce alcohol use.

Workshop on Social Media, Web & Mobile Interventions for College Drinking

Date: May 2015
Type of resource: Report

Summary report from a meeting of experts on college aged drinking and social media that explored how emerging technologies can work to reduce alcohol related harm to college students.