Strategies for Reducing Third-Party Transactions of Alcohol to Underage Youth

Date: April 2012
Type of resource: General Resource

This document, from the U.S. Department of Justice, examines youth access to alcohol through third-party sales. It also provides enforcement strategies to deter and reduce the availability of alcohol to underage drinkers through adult providers.

Underage Drinking: Prohibitions Against Hosting Underage Drinking Parties

Date: 2015
Type of resource: General Resource

The Alcohol Policy Information System website provides detailed information on underage drinking policies in each state.

Youth Drinking in the United States: Relationships With Alcohol Policies and Adult Drinking

Date: June 2015
Type of resource: Journal Article

This research shows that stronger alcohol policies, including those that do not target youth specifically, are related to a reduced likelihood of youth alcohol consumption. Authors conculde that future research should examine influence of alcohol policy subgroups and discrete policies.

Underage Drinking in the Home: You Should Know!

Date: 2015
Type of resource: General Resource

This website provides details about social hosting laws in each state.