Creating Communities of Belonging as a Key Prevention Strategy

Tuesday, October 17th

Presented by: Rebecca Slaby, MEd - Executive Director, AmazeWorks

In a time when our world feels ever more polarized and divided across differences, it is increasingly important to create spaces and communities of belonging where every person can feel seen, valued, and appreciated. Belonging is one of our basic needs as human beings and leads to increased connection, productivity, engagement, and equity. Creating communities of belonging is an important prevention strategy because a sense of belonging mitigates the impacts of isolation, bias, discrimination, and fear that can lead to substance use. This keynote will introduce the AmazeWorks framework for creating the conditions for belonging and help participants consider ways to operationalize belonging in their communities.

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Cannabis Prevention: The Changing Minnesota Landscape

Wednesday, October 18th 

Moderated by: Emily Myatt - American Cancer Society

Over the past couple of months, Minnesota has seen dramatic changes to state cannabis policy. This still evolving policy landscape has created confusion and challenges for prevention professionals. How have these changes impacted prevention efforts? How do we create and implement effective prevention strategies in this new reality? This panel of experts will discuss what we know and ideas for where to go from here.


Marissa Katz, J.D. - Staff Attorney, Public Health Law Center

Lynn Silver, MD, MPH, FAAP - Senior Advisor, PHI, Getting it Right from the Start

Cassandra Stepan, MA - Community Health Supervisor, Hennepin County Public Health

Ken Winters, Ph.D. - Senior Scientsit, Oregon Research Institute

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