2018 Keynote Speakers

Day 1 Keynote Speaker: David Mann

WINNING WITH WORDS – Clarifying the Message to Enact Change

With decades of experience as a performer and storytelling specialist, David provides a funny, practical keynote that is rich with immediately applicable skills. He shows how storytelling techniques can be the critical difference between gaining or losing the buy-in of potential stakeholders. With techniques drawn from the world of performance and high-stakes litigation, David illustrates practical ways health professionals can more clearly articulate their message and move people to action. This keynote also illustrates how health professionals can inspire stakeholders to embrace change. David will show the audience how to thrive during change by staying imaginative and flexible, and by seeing potential limitations as possibilities.

Key Takeaways:
Make a lasting impression that wins buy-in
Transform dull information into persuasive stories
Keep the vision of change clear and positive
Minimize resistance to change through clear communication

Gain skills to inspire and enact change with potential stakeholders by clarifying your message.

Day 2 Keynote Speaker: The Outside with Tuesday Ryan-Hart and Tim Merry

SHARED WORK – Working Across Difference

Often the differences between collaborators — different perspectives, backgrounds, ideologies and aspirations — becomes the focus of meetings rather than getting work done together. But there is important work to be done, and we must figure out a way to do it together. In this keynote, Tim and Tuesday will present the Shared Work model, which puts getting to work back at the center of our collaborations and offers up important stances to take and ways to get unstuck in our collaborative work.

The keynote presentation will be followed by an interactive conversation between the participants which will be designed and led by the keynote presenter. This conversation will focus on application of concepts presented in the keynote and will encourage participants to integrate lessons learned into their daily work of collaboration.